Hi! This is Petra! Welcome to my personal website!

New PinupGirls Gallery! · The room and the furniture may be Victorian, but my style of dress sure isn't! · Posted November 14, 2014!

New AlphaMale Gallery! · I'm only wearing my birthday suit (and water) in Flotation Device!, Part 1 · Available in high resolution (1600x2400)!

New Video! · In 1080p at 60FPS! · No Bull!-The Shoot, which is footage from the stills shoot! Also available is the first No Bull! video in 1080p at 60FPS!

And the latest Juicy News! · Photos from my 2013 Camp Pendleton Mud Run! Check out all the muddy-run fun we had!

More new galleries and videos coming soon!

Come on in and take a tour around, then join me inside with the rest of my AlphaMales!